Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

KidsKare P.C. offers nutrition counseling for adults and children to provide further insight into the link between food and oral health. We invite you to visit our dentists to learn how you can enhance your family’s dental health at mealtimes.

Insufficient nutrition has been linked to adverse health conditions, including diabetes and obesity, and even oral maladies such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. When sugary and acidic foods are allowed to remain on the teeth for too long, they can erode the dental enamel, increasing the risk of cavities. Furthermore, the mouth and body are linked by shared biological systems, which means that the health of one affects the health of the other. Bodies that are supplemented by healthy diets will promote positive oral health.

Nutrition is especially important for children, who are still undergoing oral development and learning to take proper care of their teeth. Diets that are rich in fiber, protein, vegetables, calcium, and iron and low in sugar and sticky food will boost children’s dental health and reduce their chances of developing tooth decay. Our dental professionals offer individual nutrition counseling for your entire family, providing tailored guidance based on each member’s age and health literacy.

To learn more about nutritional counseling in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we invite you to call 575-532-5437 today and schedule an appointment with our dentists. We look forward to helping you care for your smile.

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